Our hats are born on Earth and are proudly handwoven by the skilled hands of artisans. Going back to our roots, we honor the artisans' work, guaranteeing fair prices and sharing their work with the world.

We are an upcoming brand, wanting to innovate the way of doing business in a developing country. We want to demonstrate that the only way of surviving is by taking care of each other. We guarantee fair trade, working directly with the artisans, without any intermediaries. Allpa actively participates in social projects, either directly or through specialized organizations.

Since its creation, Allpa has been committed to the environment's protection and has had a clear ambition of helping the planet.

We passionately believe that it is everyone's responsibility to take action to mitigate climate changes, thus we strive every day to become more eco-friendly and therefore influence our clients and suppliers, in order to reduce environmental impact.

All of our labels, business cards and printing papers are made with eco-friendly Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper.

Throughout our social networks we are constantly campaigning in favor of environmental care, consequently creating consciousness among our customers.

We are constantly teaming up with environmental and animal protection organisations in order to develop different projects for those much needed causes.